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Asbestos in Soil Remediation Scheme

City of Wolverhampton Council launched an investigation into potential contamination on the Farndale Estate in 2005.

This investigation was in response to information that parts of the former Courtaulds Dunstall Hall Works site may be contaminated with carbon disulphide, a chemical used in the manufacture of Rayon.

The investigation involved the testing of approximately 300 properties as well as roadways and verges.  The results revealed a small number of properties with high levels of carbon disulphide, which were remediated by a third party.Former Courtaulds Site, Wolverhampton Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Former Courtaulds Site, Wolverhampton

City of Wolverhampton Council also undertook further investigation work throughout the estate where the initial investigation for carbon disulphide revealed elevated levels of other contaminants, these included mercury and lead.

Asbestos was identified in gardens at several properties throughout the estate during these two previous investigations. The Council undertook a third investigation across the estate to assess the extent of any asbestos contamination. Those properties with unacceptable levels of mercury, lead or asbestos contamination have been formally determined as contaminated land by the Council and the owners and occupiers informed of the issues.

As a result of the investigations described above, City of Wolverhampton Council are satisfied that the contamination present poses a significant possibility of significant harm, and as a result have determined 81 properties as contaminated land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Garden Remediation

For those properties that have been determined as contaminated land under the provisions of Part 2A, and whose gardens require remediation, a suitable method to achieve the remediation is required.

The council as the regulator is satisfied that the most suitable form of remediation for all contaminants on the site is the excavation and removal of the top 600mm of existing soils in rear gardens and 300mm in front gardens. This excavation will include the removal of all existing vegetation including trees, shrubs, turf etc.

After completing a European wide tender process the council have now appointed Hydrock as its contractors to undertake the clean-up of asbestos affected gardens. Hydrock are a company who have a lot of experience of dealing with remediation schemes such as these and we are looking forward to working with them.

Hydrock started work in January in the Gatis Street/Marksbury Close area of the Farndale estate, and this area is now nearing completion.

Work has started on several properties within Glaisdale Gardens. Once this work is finished, they will then begin works in Roxby Gardens/Bransdale Close. The final phase of works in Ingleby Gardens/Whernside Drive/Farndale Avenue are expected to start in later in the year, though with all these works, residents are being contacted by Hydrock with more accurate dates as to when works in their area is due to start.

This involves excavation of the contaminated soil from the rear and front gardens of the affected properties, and removing it to landfill. Once this is completed, clean soil will be brought back in to the gardens, before the garden and driveway areas of these properties is reinstated.

While these works are being carried out, there will be greater amounts of traffic within the estate, in the form of lorries and works vehicles, and potentially more cars parking on streets as they lose access to their front driveway during the works, and we appreciate everyone's patience, assistance, and understanding with this matter as the works progress.

Works within the Gatis Street/Marksbury Close area is nearing completion, while works are ongoing in Glaisdale Gardens and Bransdale Close/Roxby Gardens.

For all the residents that have been affected by the works, including those whose property is not being remediated, we would like to extend our thanks for your patience, co-operation, and assistance during the ongoing remediation works taking place across the estate.


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