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Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Support scheme for working age people on a low income.

On the 1 April 2015 the council introduced the Council Tax Reduction Scheme to help working age people on low incomes. This was due to reduction in funding from Central Government. 

Who is eligible?

  • people of working age
  • and people on low incomes

If you or your partner are a pensioner then you are not affected by these changes.

About the application

  • If you are of working age, your application can be backdated for 1 month subject to approval.
  • An average application takes 16 days to process. This is dependant on the speed at which information is provided to us by the applicant.
  • Once you application is approved, your reduction will be applied to your bill the following Monday and will be for the remainder of that financial year, unless your circumstances change.
  • You will also receive a revised bill with the discount applied.

Reduction Scheme calculator

This calculator estimates entitlement using the April 2015 scheme.

Further information about the changes

The changes to the current scheme are:

  • The amount of support will be restricted to 78% of liability before the deduction of other discounts. 

The following groups of people will be protected from this reduction and will remain able to claim up to a maximum of 88% of liability before the deduction of other discounts. 

  1. You or your partner are severely disabled and receive the Higher Rate Care Component of Disability Living Allowance or the Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payment;
  2. You are responsible for a severely disabled child who qualifies for the Enhanced Disability Premium;
  3. You are single without dependent children and aged under 25.  

The amendments below were made to the scheme in April 2014 and will continue to apply in addition to the above:

  • Child Benefit for second and subsequent children will be included as income when calculating a families total income, Child Benefit for the eldest child continues to be disregarded
  • the amount of capital that a claimant and their partner may hold will be restricted to £6,000. If you hold more than this all support for Council Tax will be withdrawn
  • the taper at which support is withdrawn for those people whose income is above their personal allowance will be increased from 20% to 23%
  • the maximum amount of support will be restricted to a Band C property
  • customers who have shown 'good cause' as to why they did not make a claim on time will have the period of backdating restricted to a maximum of one calendar month
  • second Adult Rebate will be removed