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Floating support and outreach

Floating support services offer advice, information and guidance on all aspects of a tenancy to help individuals maintain their accommodation and independence.

What support is available?

  • help in setting up and maintaining a home or tenancy
  • developing domestic/life skills
  • developing links with your local community
  • advice, advocacy and liaison
  • help in managing finances and benefit claims
  • encouraging those in tenancies to abide by their agreements and to develop links in the local community
  • help in gaining access to other services
  • help in establishing personal safety and security
  • help in accessing purposeful activity such as voluntary work, education and employment
  • signposting to cultural and leisure services
  • help in finding other accommodation

Who offers floating support

The following organisations offer floating support. To access the service please contact them directly:

The process

Service users will have a named support worker who will work alongside them, towards a mutually agreed support plan for up to two years. The support will be tailored to the service users needs and they will receive regular support visits arranged to their convenience.

If the service user has a tenancy it does not matter if it is council, Housing Association or Private; Floating support is available to all tenures. If the service user doesn't have a tenancy, support is available to work towards accessing appropriate accommodation. If floating support isn't right for the service user, they will be signposted to relevant or specialist agencies as required.