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Family entertainment centre gaming machine permit

A family entertainment centre is a premises where gaming machines are wholly or partly available.

Family entertainment centres are unlicensed as premises as they are only authorised to have available category D gaming machines. Category D machines can be played by people under the age of 18 years old.

You can have any number of category D gaming machines available for use (subject to conditions such as health and safety and fire authority approval).

If you wish to make available category C machines for gaming, you will need to apply for a operating licence from the Gambling Commission and then a premises licence from us.

Premises licence holders may not apply for a family entertainment centre gaming machine licence. 

How to apply

To apply, download and complete the pdf icon FEC machine permit application form [43kb].

Return the application with the correct payment to:

Regeneration and Environment
Wolverhampton City Council
Civic Centre, St. Peter's Square

As part of your application, you will need to provide a plan of your premises.

You will also have to provide evidence of appropriate training and measures which are in place to deal with:

  • suspected truant school children
  • unsupervised very young people on premises
  • children causing a nuisance or other problems on or around the premises

In addition, you need to demonstrate that staff have a full understanding of the maximum stakes and prizes which are allowed at unlicensed family entertainment centres.


pdf icon Gambling permit fees [16kb]