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It is important you tell us if your circumstances change in any way as we don't want to pay you too much as you may have to pay it back.

If we do pay you too much, we will send you a letter which will tell you:

  • the reason we paid you too much Benefit/Reduction
  • how much the overpayment is, and when it happened
  • if you have to pay back the amount
  • how you can appeal if you think the decision is wrong

More details about overpayments can be found in our free pdf icon overpayments FAQ sheet [43kb].

Useful contacts 

Benefits Service team - contact us to query a Housing Benefit over payment or arrange payments

Banking Services team - if you have a question about your invoice, invoice repayments or you want to arrange a repayment plan

CAB - they give free,confidential and unbiased advice on debt. 

National Debtline - this is a free helpline for people with debt problems

Advice UK - you can contact independent advice agencies through Advice UK.

Step Change Debt Charity - they give a free,confidential service to help you work out realistic solutions to your debt problems, avoid becoming bankrupt and learn how to manage your money.