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Advice for owners and FAQs for residents

Find out how the Empty Properties Team can help owners and residents who have concerns about an empty property.

Owners of empty properties

Keeping a property empty brings with it many problems:

  • targeted by vandals and squatters
  • regular visits are needed to the property to ensure it is secure
  • repairs and general maintenance still have to be carried out and insurance and council tax still has to be paid
  • insurance can be invalid if unoccupied more than 30 days (always check with your insurance company) 

Options for owners

The options for bringing your property back into use include:

  • re-occupying your property yourself
  • letting and managing the property yourself
  • appointing our leasing agents to manage your property
  • managing the property yourself with tenants nominated by our homeless prevention service through the Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  • letting the property through a letting and management agent
  • selling the property via an estate agent
  • selling the property at auction

The benefits of bringing a property back into use

For owners

Owners could benefit from:

  • rental income or better sales potential
  • help with finding tenants
  • preventing damage caused by anti-social behaviour 
  • hassle free property management via the Private Sector Leasing Scheme
  • help and advice on legal responsibilities and standards
  • energy efficiency advice.

For the local area

The local area could benefit from:

  • removing an eye-sore property within the neighbourhood
  • improvement in the neighbourhood by promoting investment in the area
  • maintaining the value of neighbourhood properties

 For the city

Wolverhampton benefits from:

  • making maximum use of all housing stock to provide decent homes.
  • wider housing choice for residents

The Empty Property team can

  • bring empty properties back into use
  • working with the community to identify and secure empty properties
  • tracing property owners 
  • purchasing an empty property
  • private sector leasing schemes for empty properties
  • force owners to bring property back into use as a last resort

If you need free advice about an empty property, you can contact City Direct

Report an empty property

If you have concerns about a property being empty then you should report it.