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Leasing your empty property

Under the Private Sector Leasing scheme it is possible you could receive a guaranteed income on your property for 3 years even if it is empty or if the tenant doesn't pay their rent on time.

You would also receive a guarantee that any damage to your property would be repaired at no cost to you and that your property would be returned to you in good condition.

Apply online 

Online Application

How does it work?

Once a lease is entered into, one of our appointed agents will provide a full management service for the property, including:

  • collecting rent
  • supporting the tenant
  • managing repairs
  • re-letting the property.

At the end of the lease you are guaranteed repossession with the property returned in good condition.

Is my property eligible?

Properties that have been empty for less than 6 months

Contact the Private Sector Leasing Team at Wolverhampton Homes on 01902 556789 for more information.

Properties that have been empty for more than 6 months

To be accepted as a property suitable for the scheme, the property must meet our pdf icon Empty Property Leasing Scheme Standards [1Mb].

Contact City Direct for more information.